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Library's Purpose and Rules

~:star: Touhou OC Grand Library's Purpose :star:~

Touhou OC Grand Library, Grand Library for Short, main purpose is to organize and support Touhou OC Fanfics, Stories, and Comic Series.

Just like a Library, stories are orgainzed by Cover and easily accessed to all Readers. As the Grand Library is categorized by Cover, you will not have to look through pages to find your favorite stories.

While this group targets Touhou OC Fanfics, Touhou Canon Stories will also be accepted. So long as they are a series or short story. Comics are also accepted and categorized in the respective Folder.

~:star: Grand Library's Rules :star:~

These rules are strict and must be followed.
-No stolen or rewritten works.
-No translated pages from other circles or authors.
---Unless it is a collab between translated works; such as an author unable to write in an other language.
-No Flamming. Critiques are acceptable.
-Mature Content Works must be Tagged.

Rules are subject to change and grow overtime. If you wish to discuss any rules you may or may not have broken, please send a Note to the Group.

Breaking the rules have their own punishments and will be discussed privately between the Group and the culprit. Please report any broken rules.

Gallery Folders



:iconakyuplz: -------- How the Folders are Classified -------- :iconakyuplz:

:star: - All works will be properly Stored into the Correct Folder
by the Founder but please try putting them into the Correct Folder.
Makes it easier to accept. Which is good for both of us.

The Work does not need to have TouhouOCs.
The Grand Library is for all Touhou Works.

:star: - Featured Folder
This Folder is for Picture or Works that are of High Quality.
Only the Founder can accept work into it.
As a Member, you are allowed to recommend work by Commenting
on the Main Page, or sending a Note.

:star: - Main Game Series
This Folder is for Works that follow the Touhou Series style; Six Stages, or Fighting Style.
These usually require large commitment to the work.

:star: - Literature
These are Worded works, either Main Series or not.
Works accepted must have atleast 500 Words to be Included.
Poems will also count into this group.

:star: - Short Stories
To count as a short story, it must be short. What does this mean?
It is basically a small story between the characters you are writing about.
Any style is accepted; Manga-Style or Literature.

:star: - Comic Series
Comic Series are not like Manga-Style comics. These are just mini comics
like in the Newspaper. It may or may not need to be a series.
So long as they are Comics. If the Work has a continuation, it will
be Recommended to be Linked together so the Reader can see them all.

Rules are subject to change and grow overtime. If you wish to discuss any rules you may or may not have broken, please send a Note to the Group.
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